Samstag, 4. August 2007

Tarte Renversée aux Apricots

It's been a mess. It could have been a very easy to prepare and tasty tarte, but I did not accomplish that. The recipe "vanilla-scented Peach Tarte Tatin" is from "Chocolate and Vanilla" by Gale Gand. I substituted apricots for the peaches and used store-bought frozen puff pastry. The Tarte puffed up nicely while baking and smelled so heavenly I even didn't mind the juice bubbling over the rim of the pan and turning to coal on the floor of the oven (which I cleaned just this morning). When it was cool enough to handle I inverted the Tarte on a big, rimmed serving dish and was confronted with caramel sauce running everywhere and dripping to the floor. The apricot layer was quite nice, though a bit on the tart side. The pastry layer was a soggy mess. No way I could serve THAT! Well, I scraped the fruit in a bowl, topped it with whipped cream sweetened with vanilla sugar and served it as a sort of compote. The pastry landed in the waste bin.

I think I failed on account of two reasons:
1. The quality of the store-bought puff pastry: It was downright yucky, tough instead of crisp and flaky, stubbornly resisting to being cut. Next time I shall use all-butter puff pastry (even if I have to learn to prepare it myself) and not that margarine- and transfat-laden stuff I bought today.
2. The apricots released a lot of juice during baking. The amount of the caramel is meant for apples, which exude much less juice by far than apricots or peaches, and which, furthermore, soak up the caramel during baking.

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