Samstag, 29. Dezember 2007

It's over, finally!

The Christmas Madness is over, finally - until next year. Working with an eCommerce fulfillment service company for 17 years has weaned me of any romantic notions concerning Christmas. I've learned to hate December. While others decorate their homes and bake (seemingly) boatloads of delicious cookies, we fight a battle, that turns into a veritable war as December progresses, to fulfill the orders and mail them in time to be delivered before Christmas. But now we can relax a bit, the annual stocktaking accomplished (actually, it is still in progress as I write this post, but I didn't have to work today), and January before us, a month with habitual slow business. It's a four day weekend, and I am planning to do absolutely nothing. Well, the laundry has to be done and the apartment needs a bit of cleaning, but other than that - nothing. Outside it is a very cold, but sunny winter day. Later in the day, I will bundle myself up in several layers of clothing and go for a long, long walk. I have two new books to read, raspberry-red yarn and an interesting pattern for a new pair of socks, my favourite blend of tea, expensive Cuban coffee, an assortment of fruits including a pomegranate, the ingredients for (gluten-free) biscotti and madeleines - all considered, I think, I will have a very nice time off!